Sibling bonds last long and stay strong

A bond between siblings is unique in the complexity and depth it contains.

Karen Gao

A bond between siblings is unique in the complexity and depth it contains.

Karen Gao, Staff Writer

The person who was your first friend and the person who you have the strongest bond with is your sibling.

People come and go in life, but family ties are something much stronger than fleeting friendships made over toys or recess. The person one is closest to in their family is normally the person closest to them in age, which is generally their sibling.

According to Psychology Today, siblings form bonds since they support each other and have shared many experiences together. Siblings often live and grow up together, even if one never made any outside friends, they are never truly alone in their age group.

However, it is not just biologically-related siblings that have such deep connections, but just about any relationship that involves support. One does not need to be related to another person to feel the strong bond that siblings hold.

Some people could feel closer to their friend compared to their sibling, but that is just part of them being different individuals who cannot be guaranteed to get along. However, even close friends can leave eventually and do not have an ingrained responsibility to support one another, as a sibling has. Even siblings that are not that close feel a connection and a sense of duty to help each other.

Unlike romantic relationships, a sibling bond provides a person one can count on, the person that one can always turn to. A lover can leave one’s life rather suddenly, but siblings start with a relationship that holds strong and acts as a safety net both emotionally and mentally.

Regardless of arguments and conflict, sibling bonds are something very intricate, but worth experiencing as they really can be the person to rely on throughout one’s life.