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The last episode of Food Wars! streaming on Crunchyroll.
Food Wars' final season disappoints
Glydelle Espano, Staff Writer — November 9, 2020

Out of all five seasons of the anime, "Food Wars! The Fifth Plate" is definitely the most disappointing. In my opinion, the fifth season felt incredibly repetitive, rushed, and unnecessary. The anime "Food Wars" or "Shokugeki no Soma," focuses on the main protagonist, Yukihira Soma, and his cooking...

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The common phrase “everything will be ok” often draws focus to the superficially positive aspects of a situation, instead of encouraging understanding of the underlying situation.
Opinion: Artificial positivity harmfully inflates emotional norms
Pavel Turovski, Staff Writer — November 8, 2020

From the moment that we are born, we are taught that the best way to live life is by doing things that are bigger and bolder. Students are told that grades determine their futures, and adults are pressured to improve their work productivity.  To deliver on this internal promise, some ignore or hide...

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The wardrobe of many American consumers is composed of clothes made in blatantly unjust conditions.
Editorial: Fast fashion fuels consumerism
Editorial Staff, Editors — November 5, 2020

Adidas, Victoria’s Secret, Disney, UNIQLO, Forever 21, GAP, H&M, Urban Outfitters, Ralph Lauren, Target, Billabong, Lorna Jane, Top Shop. If you wear clothes from any of these brands, there’s a solid chance you are wearing clothes made in sweatshops. With the advent of fast fashion, the...

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The world is up in flames and we all just need to take a deep breath and focus on the things we can do instead of dwelling on everything we can’t.
Opinion: We have a lot more control than we think
Emma O'Connor, Staff Writer — November 3, 2020

As of late, all of the news is doom and gloom. With COVID-19, the new supreme court justice, and now the election, it seems like there’s no getting away from it.  Although it seems like the average person is powerless when it comes to a lot of these events, the reality is that there are a lot of...

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Due to its rising popularity over the course of the pandemic, the arrival of competition from other streaming services, and the need to fund more shows, Netflix chose to bump up the prices of several of their most popular plans.
Cartoon: Netflix Bumps Up The Streaming Bill
Maya Kornyeyeva, Staff Writer — November 3, 2020

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A grandmother helps her granddaughter, the next generation of "superheroes," put on her cape.
Opinion: Our generation isn't superior, it's in its 'superhero phase'
Auva Soheili, Staff Writer — November 3, 2020

“It’s just a phase,” has said almost every adult regarding rebellion. In a time of such political chaos, Generation Z, along with Millenials, has taken to the forefront of activism. For as long as I can remember, parents, teachers, and family members repeatedly told us, "You are the future!”...

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Students often struggle to balance different aspects of life and school during distance learning.
Editorial: Students shouldn't be held to the same standards amidst a pandemic
Editorial Staff, Editors — October 25, 2020

COVID-19 has changed the lives of many. It’s devastated the economy, cost thousands of lives and led to an overall sense of unrest in the world.  Perhaps one of the most drastic changes caused by the pandemic is distance learning. Previously spending their school days on campus surrounded by friends...

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Students often measure their academic ability through standardized and subject-specific test scores; however, this pattern of thought is detrimental for students.
Editorial: Being bad at school doesn't mean you aren't smart
Editorial Staff, Editors — October 22, 2020

When our daily lives revolve around education, one of the most prized traits is "smartness." Getting high grades, doing well on tests, and grasping the material quickly is paramount to being a good student. However, this emphasis on high numbers and rapid understanding can leave many students in the...

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Services of different types tap into the decentralized nature of the internet to form communities of like-minded people.
Opinion: The internet brings us together
Pavel Turovski, Staff Writer — October 18, 2020

The internet is more than social media. Treat it that way. There’s no question that the internet’s social media apps have redefined how people traditionally connect with the outside world. These apps feed their users precisely what they have chosen to see, rather than the full picture. This has...

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Hyper-partisanship is on the rise, further separating the citizens of the U.S, most of which are Democratic or Republican.
Editorial: The presidential debate heightened extreme partisanship
Editorial Staff, Editors — October 15, 2020

Chaotic. Child-like. Pain-inducing. Those are just a few of the myriad words one could use to describe the first presidential debate of 2020 on Sept. 29. Behind the bickering were political stances and policies, yet it was increasingly difficult for the audience to grasp those crucial aspects of the...

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