Starblazers achieve victory in Carlmont Cup


Cindy Feng

The Carlmont Cup is a spirit competition where students compete against each other in different games during lunch to win prizes.

The competition was tense at the Carlmont Cup finale between the Starblazers and Bellybusters, two finalist groups in the event.  

The Carlmont Cup is a recurring spirit activity where students can sign up with their friends to compete in a series of games. Students can win special prizes, such as candy and free tickets to the homecoming game happening on Oct. 29. 

The Starblazers, a group of sophomores, defeated the Bellybusters, a group of juniors and seniors.

During the first game of the final, teams had to choose two representatives. One would throw a ball to the second, who would be on the steps of the quad. The second person would catch the ball to knock down ten cones standing in front of the first representative.

In the first half of the game, the Bellybusters succeeded in getting the first eight cones down, but Luca Byers-Mora, one of their junior representatives, struggled to get the last two standing cones. The Starblazer’s representative for throwing the ball, Delfina Bianchi, succeeded in knocking down all ten.  

“For some reason, I keep feeling like we were super lucky… the first game we were losing so bad, but then we won,” said Swaraa Joshi, a sophomore on the Starblazers.

While John Hanna, a junior on the Bellybusters, wanted to win, he jokingly acknowledged that the other team had bested them. 

“I mean, I kind of carried my team, so my back is hurting a bit, but it was really fun,” Hanna said. 

Bianchi was happy to experience a spirit activity, especially since she could not partake in Carlmont traditions in her freshman year due to COVID-19 regulations. 

“I’m a sophomore, and I don’t really know much. It’s so cool to experience things that have been done in the past,” Bianchi said. 

Joshi agreed with this sentiment while reminiscing on her reasons for joining the Starblazers.

“I like being involved. I think that this was just another way to be involved, and it was a lot of fun, so you know, I might do it again,” Joshi said.

As this was Hanna’s second time competing in the games, he did have some suggestions to improve them for veteran players.

“The games are fun, but maybe [ASB could] switch up the variety. There wasn’t enough variety, and we repeated some games. Overall though, this was a pretty fun experience,” said Hanna.

After winning the competition and fueling up on prize candy, Joshi explained how she felt about winning.

“Cloud nine, that’s all I can say,” said Joshi.