Student Store enhances Carlmont’s sense of community


Cooper Perez

The Student Store is located in the Quad above the football bleachers.

For years, ice creams and popsicles from the Student Store have cooled students down at lunch and after school. 

The Parent Teacher Student Association, or PTSA, runs the Student Store. Parents of Carlmont students volunteer each day to run the store, which entails managing the selling of goods to students, and those who want to give back to Carlmont have the opportunity to do so through working at the Student Store.

Alpa Byaf, a parent who volunteers at the Student Store, said, “I think it is a good cause, and it helps pay benefits for the PTSA, which in turn benefits all the students.”

Most parents have fond experiences at the store, as it brings them into the lives of their children. They can see the population of Carlmont that surrounds their child every day.

Another incentive for parents to volunteer at the Student Store is getting to meet other parents. Carlmont parents connecting through volunteering is an essential part of the active community that Carlmont has created not just for students but also for parents.

Byaf said, “I like when kids come up here, and they use their pleases and thank-yous, and when someone gives out the wrong change, they come back and give the money back. Also, I like meeting other parents.”

Another parent volunteer, Melody Chun, has had similar experiences to Byaf working at the Student Store.

“We can fundraise for the PTSA and meet the kids, the students. They’re really welcome to see,” Chun said.

However, some experiences at the store were less positive for Byaf and Chun.

Byaf said, “I was volunteering the first day of school last year. The freezer was locked on a very hot day, and the person with the key was not there, so we couldn’t get ice cream.”

For Chun, another issue was the shortage of change in the store to give back to the students.

Regardless, students enjoy the services of the Student Store when they want a snack or drink. However, some students feel as though there could be improvements.

Sophomore Nicholas Voong said, “I like that they have a variety of drinks and snacks, but sometimes they are too healthy, and sometimes the lines are a bit long.”

The food that the Student Store sells has to fit within the requirements of health that the school provides. Carlmont sets the standards of health for food so they do not give students too much sugar or salt, according to the PTSA.

However, the store is not limited to just selling food. They also sell Carlmont clothes like pajama pants, gym clothes, and hoodies. These items help boost school spirit and raise money for the PTSA.

The students regard the volunteers at the store as helpful and kind. They treat students with respect and are in a positive mood while working.

Voong said, “The volunteers are very nice, and they do the job.”