Students fly towards careers

Students fly towards careers

[media-credit id=9 align=”aligncenter” width=”300″][/media-credit]Three Carlmont students are on their way to pursue a career in aviation and they’re making big strides.

Sophomores Armen Samurkashian, Mark Gruschka, and Tanner Piety are currently enrolled in a program called Civil Air Patrol. Civil Air Patrol is a volunteer auxiliary program of the United States Air Force. It provides  people as young as twelve years old with the opportunity to learn how to physically fly aircraft  with first-hand experience.

“I’d like to pursue a career in commercial aviation,” stated Piety, when asked his goals of the program. Piety currently holds the position of first sergeant, the highest ranking non-commissioned officer at the squadron and has been in the program for three years.

With growing experience, Mark Gruschka has enjoyed his year and a half in the program. “Getting to fly in the different aircraft is the best part of it all. Tanner and I recently flew in the C5 [aircraft]. We’re the only kids on the peninsula to fly in it,” said Gruschka.

Armen Samurkashian has been flying since the age of eight, and hopes to pursue a career in the navy as a fighter pilot. “The idea that I am able to do something that people weren’t meant to do is the coolest part,” stated Samurkashian.

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