Students have smashing time at dodgeball tournament


Serenity Corbett-Richardson

Students sit on the bleachers to watch their peers participate in the dodgeball competition.

Carlmont’s Associated Student Body (ASB) hosted an exhilarating lunchtime dodgeball tournament during the week of November 15.

Although student competition was among the missed opportunities of the 2020-2021 school year, ASB has dedicated time to make this school year’s activities even more engaging to students, particularly with lunchtime events.

Matthew Abiezzi and Aidan Dimick, two members of the “lunchtime” commission, began to brainstorm the tournament last month and drafted teams a week before the event. 

In order to put the plan into action, Abiezzi and Dimick had to organize numerous kinds of equipment, such as the goals, cones, and dodgeballs. They also appointed themselves as the two referees of the game.

“The sign-up process was smooth sailing. All we did was set up a table at lunch, and then we sold out teams the first day,” Abiezzi said.

Once Abiezzi and Dimick began to plan the event, they established their goal of getting students excited and successfully created a friendly competitive environment.

“I think [student sport competitions] are important because it gets the students more engaged. They’re getting involved and putting themselves out there – because some might be shy,” Abiezzi added.

The fun wasn’t just on ASB’s side. Students could be seen eagerly watching the highly competitive game of dodgeball while eating their lunches. Because the game took place on the football field, students sitting at the bleachers had the opportunity to watch the game, adding some excitement to their lunch period. One sophomore, Markus Lu, happened upon the competition while eating at his regular spot on the bleachers.

“[My favorite part is] watching people getting hit by the ball,” Lu said jokingly.

Participating students had similar feelings to the audience. Participants could be seen smiling and laughing while ambushing their opponents with the dodgeballs.

Everybody was just excited to do it, and we brought the energy up,” recalled Elena Eng, a junior. She said she joined “just for fun” when she saw the sign-up table in the quad.

Though she had a positive experience, Eng also mentioned the not-so-fun parts of the game.

“It was kind of scary actually…I got hit in the face,” she confessed, giggling.

The tournament successfully got students involved, as all parties seemed to come away with good memories.

“Don’t be shy to get involved,” Abiezzi encouraged. “It’s always fun. Go Scots!”