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Sandy Hutchinson stands before some of the many local deer living in Belmont.

Belmont wildlife has a ‘deer’ friend

February 13, 2019

Every day throughout the year, a local resident works wholeheartedly to look after the deer living in Belmont. Sandy Hutchinson, who has resided in Belmont since 1978, has taken...

A sign promoting the schedule change is posted at a bus stop near Carlmont.

SamTrans schedule changes could impact students

January 17, 2018

The SamTrans system provides fundamental transportation services to the Bay Area in the form of trains, accessible services for the disabled, and buses. In an attempt to improve and si...

The Belmont fire station is just one of many local departments to produce volunteers heading to the Ventura fires in Southern California.

Southern California fires impact Bay Area

December 19, 2017

The creek fires in Southern California have had a significant impact on the local fire departments over the past week. Based on the severity of weather conditions created as a result...

A group of leadership students hiked up to the hills above Carlmont for IMPACT Club's first meeting.

IMPACT Club brings adventure to Carlmont

February 12, 2017

"To establish a welcoming environment where students can have fun, be adventurous, creative, and create bonds with other students." Earlier this school year, IMPACT Club was...

Students strike a pose and stay still, in hopes of executing a perfect mannequin challenge.

The impact of internet challenges

November 18, 2016

Over the past few years, the internet has seen its share of creativity. This creativity is shown through a series of challenges, which involve an individual or a group of people...

Wyman poses front and center with ASB

Wyman’s words leave an impact on Scots

September 23, 2013

It is not too often that students attend a high school assembly and watch a man bend a metal rod with his teeth, crush a frying pan with his bare hands, and do push-ups with a...

Dario Johnson, Jannah Perry and Andrew Sohrabi during seventh period orchestra.

Music makes an impact

September 17, 2013

Evident in the large class sizes, Carlmont's music program has proven to be a great contribution to the lives of many students. As they begin to prepare for the Winter Concert,...

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