IMPACT Club brings adventure to Carlmont


Phoebe Saul

A group of leadership students hiked up to the hills above Carlmont for IMPACT Club’s first meeting.

Phoebe Saul, Staff Writer

“To establish a welcoming environment where students can have fun, be adventurous, creative, and create bonds with other students.”

Earlier this school year, IMPACT Club was created with this mission in mind.

Activities Director Jim Kelly was at a leadership teaching conference on Oct. 27, and in the midst of a speech he became inspired by the idea of play and adventure in everyday schooling: a phenomenon he was already fond of.

Kelly immediately texted seniors Kimberly Lane and Tori Miranda asking them for help to create a club that would be nature-involved, adventurous, create tight-knit bonds amongst students, and provide a place for creativity and happiness to flow freely.

Miranda replied saying, “YES, I am all in! Let’s do it.”

Co-presidents Lane, Miranda, and Kelly started trying to name the new club. While sitting at Kelly’s desk in the ASB room, names bounced back and forth — the three of them and other leadership students who were excited about the new club.

Miranda said, “I remember us sitting at Mr. Kelly’s desk, shouting out different names, and he had this book on his desk and I saw the word ‘impact’ and I was like that’s cool, so we decided on IMPACT.”

The name IMPACT became an acronym for all that the club would stand and strive for.


The club’s first meeting took place on Nov. 30 and consisted of a muddy hike up to the hills behind Carlmont. While hiking, a small group of students from all grades participated as they played games incorporated with leadership values, and every member collected a rock in memory of the experience.

The second meeting took place on Dec. 14, where students gathered in the ASB room to create gingerbread houses, make friendship bracelets, relax, and escape from the stress of Dead Week.

Freshman Cathy Skinner, who participated in both meetings, said, “It’s great hanging out, but it’s even greater impacting people’s day by doing simple things: for example, the hike we went on to simply get away from electronics and enjoy each other’s company.”

Miranda and Lane are looking to gain larger student involvement. The co-presidents would like to be able to pass on leadership teachings, the experience of having fun through recreation without technology, and foster growth while building relationships to even more students. They are currently working on planning more meetings and designing t-shirts.

Reflecting on the past meetings, Lane said, “It’s just a super fun thing when people can come together, hang out, and connect. And everyone likes having fun.”