Music makes an impact


Dario Johnson, Jannah Perry and Andrew Sohrabi during seventh period orchestra.

Athena Duran, Staff Writer

Evident in the large class sizes, Carlmont’s music program has proven to be a great contribution to the lives of many students.

As they begin to prepare for the Winter Concert, Junior Dario Johnson, spoke highly of the “american contemporary” genre they were rehearsing.

Similar to any other art, the music department spends a lot of time practicing to perfect their talent. With over  200 orchestra and band students, they all come together to prepare a wonderful show.

As the class’ enrollment continues to grow, there remains those dedicated students that have been involved with music for their entire time at Carlmont.

Four year orchestra student, Jannah Perry, said that the class has shown her “How music can be a positive aspect” to her life.

With so many signed up for the course, it can become difficult for one teacher to manage all the students.

Senior Andrew Sohrabi, claimed that the larger class sizes provides “Students an opportunity…to learn from more great Carlmont musicians than ever before.”

Despite the difficulties that may arise, an increase in music students has its benefits. Last year, due to the recent increase in enrollment, Mr. Smart was hired as a second teacher. His first year Carlmont has been “great.” He stated that the students have a “good attitude” and that the staff has been very “supportive.”

As one of the most popular electives on campus charges ahead, students are ready to start off on a good note.