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We need to end gun violence and that means implementing stricter laws.

Opinion: Gun control needs to be taken to the next level

April 20, 2019

The rulebook of the U.S., like it or not, is always changing. To keep up with modern times, we are forced to interpret and amend the constitution where ever needed. So why do some...

Governor Jerry Brown issues an executive order regarding water usage.

California drought reaches an executive level

April 1, 2015

California Governor Jerry Brown issued an executive order Wednesday, April 1 implementing mandatory water reductions across California to reduce water usage by 25 percent. This...

Dance Moms: taking crazy to a new level

Dance Moms: taking crazy to a new level

March 19, 2012

The new season of Dance Moms has students at Carlmont falling out of their seats with laughter and shock, as the life of a competitive dancer is over-exaggerated to the max. “It’s...

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