Mixed reactions for 2013 Carlmont Homecoming dance


Scots homecoming dance

Josh Fagel, Staff Writer

One of the most heavily discussed topics on Carlmont’s campus this past week has been the Homecoming dance.

The homecoming dance is the culmination of the annual homecoming week. In contrast to all other Carlmont dances, students dress casually and do not attend with a date. The laid-back nature of this event has its fans and detractors.

On one hand, senior Roxy Barker said that she is “excited to spend time with friends and not get stressed about looking perfect.”

ASB (Associated Student Body) Dance Supervisor Jen Anthony, who is responsible for planning the event, agreed, explaining that “going to a dance with friends instead of a date is just a lot more fun.”

The informality of the dance has its critics as well. Senior Nate Fischer denounced the fact that “there will be freshmen twerking everywhere” that will make him feel “uncomfortable.” This, coupled with the fact that “everybody gets really sweaty,” is the main reason Fischer refuses to go.

“The homecoming dance simply isn’t classy enough for me,” added senior Brandon Moyle.

Nonetheless, Anthony has made some changes from last year’s dance, such as setting up a photo booth. There will also be a theme for the first time ever, Whiteout, as well as “a couple surprises waiting at the dance which pertain to the theme.”

Anthony is confident that the homecoming dance will be the “perfect finish to a busy, spirited week.”