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Chris Ketner bikes as his dog, a black lab named Noodle, walks alongside him. Ketner often takes Noodle to walk in public areas like Waterdog Lake and wishes there were more areas open to the public for dog-walking.

New regulations encourage dog walking

February 2, 2019

Dogs are a man’s best friend, but they can’t follow men everywhere. Dogs are prohibited in certain hiking and recreation areas in San Mateo County, such as Coyote Point...

This sign notifies the arrival of an off-leash dog area at Barrett Park. This is one of many changes Barrett Park is going through as a result of the compromise in the Belmont community.

Barrett Community Center’s new rules compromise within Belmont community

February 12, 2018

After conflict between the dog-owner community and youth sports community, an agreement has been reached in the form of Barrett Community Center's new regulations on dog usage of the grass field. Dogs are now only allowed to be off leash...

Do you know the library’s rules?

April 30, 2011

Carlmont's library is thought of as a convenient way to acquire resources, but it is also a place to apply yourself to your work. In order to get work done, the appropriate environment is recquired. Not only the library enforces Carlmont’s guidelines, but librarians Alice Laine and Donna Feitelberg added a few rules to maintain an acceptable environment for all students. “All students need an...

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