Do you know the library’s rules?

Carlmont’s library is thought of as a convenient way to acquire resources, but it is also a place to apply yourself to your work. In order to get work done, the appropriate environment is recquired.

Not only the library enforces Carlmont’s guidelines, but librarians Alice Laine and Donna Feitelberg added a few rules to maintain an acceptable environment for all students. “All students need an environment to work in, something conducive for studying,” Laine said.

In a watered-down version of the rules, it becomes clear that several are not exclusive to just the library. For example, students are not allowed to use cell phones in the building at any point of the day. On top of that, if a student is not wearing his or her ID, a detention will be issued.

However, there are certainly rules that are more specific to just the library. The technology agreement allows students to use the technology as long as they check in, don’t occupy the computers for too long, and don’t overuse the printer.

The rules of the library make it the amazingly organized place that it always seems to be, no matter what.

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