Taking the Highland Road

Many students are unaware of the rules concerning Highland Road, the road behind the school.
The Carlmont Student Handbook states that “Students are NOT permitted to loiter in any parking lot, the gym area, the glen, the softball diamond or the upper field, or Highland Road.”

At first glance, a student reading the handbook may think that he or she is not allowed to use Highland Road to get from class to class.
“I use Highland Road to get to the theater from the biotech buildings. It’s way faster than walking through the hallways. I did not know that the student handbook has rules about the road,” commented senior Tarah Tupou.

However, the dictionary defines loitering as “remaining in an area for no obvious reason.”

This means that students are in fact allowed to use the road during passing periods without getting in trouble.

“I understand that with the addition of the biotech building, students use the road during passing periods to get to their classes. We don’t want students hanging out up there, it’s a safety hazard with the cars. It’s just like a parking lot. We do monitor the road since there are so many students who use it,” stated Administrative Vice Principal Ralph Crame.

“A lot of students also use Admin Road, the road right in front of the Performing Arts Center where the administration parks their cars. Students using this road should also be very cautious because it is a parking lot as well.”

“I used the road my freshman, sophomore, and junior years to get to my classes because it was a lot faster. There was too much traffic in the hallways and I wanted to make sure that I got to my classes on time,” stated senior Chris Jung.

In addition to being used as a quick route to avoid the chaotic hallways between passing periods, Highland Road is where many teachers park their cars.

“Students can eat lunch at the top of the hallways, but it’s not safe for them to eat right by the fence because cars drive through that area,” added Crame.

Crame also noted that it is preferred for students to avoid walking through the parking lot above the Performing Arts Center.

A better route for students who need to get across campus is to exit the PAC and use the side of E hall to get up to the main section of Highland Road. This allows students to avoid walking through the parking lot and prevents possible accidents.

Carlmont students using Highland Road between passing periods must remember that it is a functioning road, so they must remain cautious and aware of their surroundings.