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Paranoia runs rampant in this anxiety-charged film. Simon (Jason Bateman) fears an intrusion.

‘The Gift’ that keeps on taking

September 1, 2015

Gatorade drips enigmatically. The shutters slap each other aggressively. The hallway stretches excessively. On the spectrum of horror, "The Gift" (R) is hard to place. It is...

Netflix is taking over television

Netflix is taking over television

January 28, 2014

Entertainment is no longer just about television shows and video games. Netflix and many other on-demand online streaming medias have taken over. Although Netflix was founded in 1997, ...

Taking the “M” out of MTV

Dominic Gialdini, Highlander Editor

May 2, 2013

  Ever since Music Television made its way onto the airstream in 1981, a large demographic of viewers have been adolescents in high school. While the type of people who view MTV has remained consistent throughout the years, the content of the channel has not. According to sophomore Monee McGrady, MTV "used to be all music videos, but now it is all reality TV." Many factors have contrib...

Taking the Highland Road

December 5, 2012

Many students are unaware of the rules concerning Highland Road, the road behind the school. The Carlmont Student Handbook states that “Students are NOT permitted to loiter in any parking lot, the gym area, the glen, the softball diamond or the upper field, or Highland Road.” At first glance, a student reading the handbook may think that he or she is not allowed to use Highland Road to get...

The cats are taking over Halloween

October 30, 2012

This year, many girls at Carlmont decided to put on their cat ears, paint on some whiskers, and wear cute kitty inspired outfits for Halloween. Cat costumes usually consist...

The North Face backpacks are taking over

The North Face backpacks are taking over

October 2, 2012

This school year, The North Face backpacks have been seen around school even more than ever. The North Face is a well-known company which supplies men's clothing, women's cl...

Prom taking Carlmont by storm

April 11, 2012

For the past several weeks, numerous students at Carlmont have been preparing for Prom. Prom is primarily geared towards the juniors and seniors. However, if invited by an upperclassman, freshman and sophomore may attend as well. "I'm excited for Prom!" exclaimed junior Shila Hasanoff. " I like how people ask their dates in cute ways and how its really formal." Lately, many students at Carlmont have...

Dance Moms: taking crazy to a new level

Dance Moms: taking crazy to a new level

March 19, 2012

The new season of Dance Moms has students at Carlmont falling out of their seats with laughter and shock, as the life of a competitive dancer is over-exaggerated to the max. “It’s...

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