‘The Big Bang Theory’

The show “The Big Bang Theory” is popping up all over television. The TBS station is one of the channels that feature the show quite a few hours a day.

The main characters Sheldon, Rajesh, Leonard, Howard and their female neighbor Penny are not an average group of friends.

Sheldon Cooper is a genius who graduated college at the age of twelve and is now in his thirties being roommates with his fellow physicist Leonard Hofstadter.

The pair works at Caltech alongside Howard Wolowitz a short, dorky, jewish man who lives with his mother and Rajesh Koothrappali, an astrophysicist who can not speak to women unless he is drunk.

The foursome spends most of their time in Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment, at the comic store, at work, or at The Cheesecake Factory where their neighbor Penny works.

Penny is a community college drop out who aspires to become an actress, but spends most of her time observing and attempting to decipher the intellectual conversations of her neighbors.

This show is comical, entertaining and the plot revolves around the interactions between the friends and the women (or lack there of) around them.

Although the show does not contain many cliffhangers or moments that capture the attention of viewers too vigorously, it serves its primary entertainment purpose.

The sitcom is unlike many others I’ve seen, it is not methodically predictable, nor does it succumb to the same drab story lines as so many before it.

Never before have I seen a situation where a man attempts to use a robotic arm meant for the space station on himself and ends up in the emergency room, much to his friends amusement, with the hand clasped to himself under a blanket.

This show has many jokes and situations intended for more mature audiences and I do not recommend having your young child in the room while watching it.

The nerdy humor and witty situations are worthwhile to watch at the end of the day when there is not a good movie on.

I give the show 4 out of 5 stars. Even if The Big Bang Theory is not a show that begs you to come back every week for a new episode, it still entices viewers to watch and laugh from time to time.