The mystery of Monty


Audrey Swenson

Carlmont’s Mascot, Monty, gives out high fives in the football stands.

From sports to after school activities, Monty is always spreading school spirit and giving high-fives to the crowd. 

Carlmont’s mascot, most students know him as Monty, cheers mostly in the Screaming Scots section at various sports games. He creates a positive atmosphere and gives off good energy to students in the stands. 

Monty always seems to put a smile on everyone’s faces, whether he’s dancing, or giving hugs, or taking pictures with the crowd.

“He is very entertaining and very fun to watch,” said Jacey Kelly, a junior at Carlmont and a member of the Associated Student Body’s (ASB) spirit commission. “He’s a legend among the students.”

Carlmont encourages all students to participate in activities during school and afterward. Monty and ASB are good examples of this since they both work hard to make sure no one is excluded from school activities. 

“We have [Monty] to represent our school,” said Michael Nightengale, a junior.

Having a mascot has always been a tradition for many schools — for instance, the Hillsdale Knights, San Mateo Bearcats, and for Carlmont, a Scot. To students, Monty represents more than just a costume and school colors, but instead more of a figure for the spirit of the school. 

“When you see him, it makes you excited, it makes you feel like a Scot, and it just makes you feel like a kid again,” said Sophia Boynton, a sophomore.

However, ASB continues to keep Monty’s presence a mystery. This ensures that the audience is not cheering for the person under the mask, but the whole Carlmont community.  

“I like that they keep it a secret,” Boynton said. “If you know who it is, then whatever you have with that person, if you don’t like them or if you like them, it’s going to base how you feel at that game and how you interact with Monty.”

The ASB Spirit commission also likes to keep the mascot anonymous. 

“Whatever is happening, it just raises that spirit even more, kind of that little mystery,” Kelly said.

However, Monty isn’t the only one that shows school spirit. Students are encouraged to as well.

Whether you have face paint from head to toe or you are yelling uncontrollably in the Screaming Scots section, or even just staying for half the game, being apart of the school is essential. Making an effort to be a good and kind person is also a primary factor when trying to show spirit.

“Just be the best person you can be and show what it’s like to be in a healthy environment at school,” Boynton said. 

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