The North Face craze


The famous black Denali North Face.

Ashley Kawakami, Highlander Editor-in-Chief

Walking on to almost any high school campus on any given mildly cool to freezing day and one will find many people sporting a North Face jacket. Carlmont is no exception.

A Denali North Face is on the expensive side and can run anywhere from $180 to $200. Even if the prices are out of budget, students can still get the same look as a Denali North Face for less from North Face’s competitors.

The Denali North face is a favorite among students. Girls in particular have fallen in love with the black Denali North Face for its warmth, overall comfort, and style.

Sophomore Brittany Zelnik remarked, “I like my North Face because it’s so warm and cozy.”

The Denali is seen around campus dressed up with a scarf and jeans, simply worn with sweats, or layered with another jacket. Either way the jacket is a versatile piece many people enjoy having in their closet.

Freshman Alyssa Arredondo said, “My favorite thing about my North Face is how warm it is and that it goes with almost every outfit.”

Although the black Denali is seen the most around campus, other colors including blue, gray, and pink can be seen on occasion.

Zelnik stated, “Everyone has the black North Face but I have a grey-blue one and I like that it makes me look a little different than everyone else.”

The craze over the jacket is due to the domino effect of seeing the jacket around campus.

Arredondo stated, “I wanted to buy my North Face because I saw so many people wearing it which made me want to wear one.”

The Denali North Face jackets are warm, comfortable, and fashionable, and considered a must have by many Carlmont students.

The famous black Denali North Face.