Today’s social networking will be old news by tomorrow

Why did MySpace disappear and will Facebook do the same?

Five years ago, people were still using MySpace, while Facebook and Twitter were barely heard of. These days, mostly everyone has a Facebook and MySpace is barely used.

Facebook is making major changes to their website. They have adapted the Timeline, which many consider annoying and difficult.

When asked if he liked the new changes to Facebook, Kevin Juarez commented, “No I don’t because it shows everything your friends like, it doesn’t have the most recent option in the newsfeed, and the new chat with all the people who are not online is confusing.”

Are the new changes enough reason to stop using Facebook?

MySpace became less popular when it added useless features that didn’t enhance the website. People lost interest because MySpace didn’t focus on making their website easier for the user.

In addition, MySpace does not protect against sexual predators.

Profile pictures on MySpace can be completely nude. Facebook, on the other hand, has a staff that works to protect the site from pictures and posts that provide an unpleasant environment and harass the users.

Although Facebook made major changes to their website in the past year, they have not strayed from the goal: to provide a safe social networking experience.

People are doubting Facebook, especially with the complicated new chat and timeline, but Facebook has managed to keep the same mission and goal.

Naturally, as technology and media progress there will be newer and better sites. But for now, the future of Facebook is safe.

Twitter, another social media innovation, is almost as popular as Facebook. On Twitter, users cannot “like” posts as you can on Facebook, but you can “retweet” them, which basically posts them from your own profile.

Although Twitter is popular now, it will not last in the social media scene. Twitter is arguably pointless because there is no way to show appreciation for a tweet without completely retweeting it, marking it as a favorite, or sending a tweet directly to the person.  The only direct interaction on the tweets themselves are retweeting, replying, quoting, or marking it as a favorite.

Tumblr, a website meant for blogging, is also incredibly popular. This website has emerged within the last five years, and continues to maintain our attention.

This site makes it easy to follow other blogs and interact with similar artistic interests. Just like  Facebook, Tumblr has a feed that shows the posts of the blogs you follow.

Unlike any other blogging website, Tumblr allows you to control what your website looks like.

Although certain aspects of Tumblr are similar to Facebook and Twitter, some say it will last on the scene for at least another couple years.

Instagram is an app that allows users to share photos.

The downside to Instagram is that it is only available on the iPhone. Although the iPhone is incredibly popular, Instagram does not have it’s own website.

Pinterest, a website meant to organize interests on a virtual bulletin board, is catching the interests of many. It is an easy way to share fashion, cooking, and art.

Although there are similarities to blogging websites, Pinterest has the creative edge that the public look for.

These new sites are all competing to stay on top, and they could easily be thrown off the radar just like MySpace. Only time will tell what peeks Internet users’ interest in ten years.

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