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Bread products such as hamburger buns contain the enzyme L-cysteine, which is frequently derived from human hair.

Five ingredients that will make you reevaluate your food choices

March 9, 2015

Does a beaver's anal gland juice make you think of dessert? Is flame retardant a great way to quench thirst? Although it seems unlikely that those things could possibly be associated...

New Orleans, 2002. Protesters rally to end marijuana prohibition on Rampart Street.

Will the Golden State be the next Green State by legalizing marijuana?

January 21, 2015

Febreeze and eye drops are a stoner’s best friend. Without them, you could land yourself in the back of a police car at any moment, and your whole future could evaporate in the...

A sea turtle gets caught in a discarded plastic bag that ended up in the ocean. Photograph property of

Price of reusable bags will increase

February 3, 2014

The price of paper and reusable bags will increase to 25 cents in 2015. In stores throughout San Mateo County shoppers have been required to pay ten cents for paper and reusa...

The T-hall lockers are far away from the main buildings, and students often do not use them.

Future students will be locked out

December 3, 2013

Many Carlmont students devote hours to decorating their lockers and making it their second home. But, before they even graduate, seniors are evicted from their homes because thei...

Bastille's 'Bad Blood' will take you on an adventure

Bastille’s ‘Bad Blood’ will take you on an adventure

November 6, 2013

The up-and-coming British band, Bastille, made their debut in the United States with their studio album, "Bad Blood." The album was released to mixed praise and a quickly growing ...

The Office will not disappoint

The Office will not disappoint

March 22, 2013

My first thought when I entered the Office, was this looks like a stereotypical bar and pub. But after my memorable experience, I knew my initial thoughts were wrong. The Office, located on El Cami...

Introduction to the project

‘Bay Lights’ will shine up the Bay Area

March 4, 2013

Over 25,000 individually programmed lights will illuminate the Bay Bridge in a show on the side of the bridge by Leo Villareal. This show is to celebrate the Bay Bridge turning...

The future of gay marriage: will it ever become constitutional?

Sabrina Leung, Editorial Director

February 10, 2013

With gay marriage bills introduced in Congress and the House calling for a vote this month, many states have once again found themselves amidst the political battleground that is the national debate over same-sex marriage. The recognition of same-sex marriage has been an on-going political, social, civil-rights and religious issue, and disputes continue to arise over whether same-sex couples should...

Godfather's will make you an offer you can't refuse

Godfather’s will make you an offer you can’t refuse

January 26, 2013

Godfather's Burger Lounge, located on the corner of El Camino and Harbor Boulevard, is a perfect  place to enjoy a juicy hamburger with friends and family. But this is no ordinary...

Body image: will it make a difference?

September 21, 2012

“She’s got a fat booty.” These are the words whispered not so quietly by the girl in the front row during a 22 minute video that, ironically, is on body image. Over two thousand Carlmont students spent an hour and a half crammed into the gym to hear Stephanie Armstrong, a member of the Teen Truth organization, present the message of the body image assembly: “Love yourself, love others...

Today’s social networking will be old news by tomorrow

March 19, 2012

Why did MySpace disappear and will Facebook do the same? Five years ago, people were still using MySpace, while Facebook and Twitter were barely heard of. These days, mostly everyone has a Facebook and MySpace is barely used. Facebook is making major changes to their website. They have adapted the Timeline, which many consider annoying and difficult. When asked if he liked the new changes...

Author Cara Black will be coming to the Belmont Library

Author Cara Black will be coming to the Belmont Library

February 27, 2012

[media-credit id=56 align="alignnone" width="300"][/media-credit] Antony award-nominee author Cara Black will be coming to the Belmont Library on Tuesday, March 6, 2012 at 6:30 PM to present her newe...

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