Varsity’s loss against Burlingame


Grace Yi, Staff Writer

Varsity boys’ water polo lost against Burlingame High School in the “most difficult” game of the season.

Carlmont and Burlingame were tied in the first two quarters of the game.  Burlingame had a 0-2 lead over Carlmont but later with a lob shot made by Nathaniel Callahan and a drive by Nikola Kapamadzin, Scots brought up the score up to a tie 2-2.

“We really went out in the first couple quarters. I felt the momentum at the end of the quarter, we did all our plays, but it was really hard to get the comeback,” said varsity coach Zac Wolfe.

Starting in the third quarter, after just 13 seconds, Burlingame scored to make the scoreboard show 2-3. However, Carlmont came right back and Scots made another goal keeping the score tied 3-3.

When defending, Callahan made a shot block from an attempted goal by Burlingame. The ball bounced off his arm and landed just outside the goal cage. Both teams started swimming towards the ball, the ball became  Burlingame’s possession and once again tried to take a shot but was blocked by Scot’s goalie, Gene Schreck.

Towards the end of the game, Burlingame scored more goals especially focusing on getting goals  from a counterattack. The game ended 9-18.

Oct. 24 was the last time seniors had the chance to play at home.

“It’s sad, all the seniors feel this way. This is the last time we are together playing a game at home. Personally, this is like my second home,” lamented varsity player, senior Julien Lavanchy.

Boys’  water polo play again next week versus Aragon on Halloween.



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