What your favorite color says about you


Colored Pencils Macro / Margie Savage / Flickr / CC BY-NC 2.0

There are many different colors. Which one is your favorite?

Your favorite color can say a lot about you. From red to pink, different favorite colors can mean different things for your personality. Have you ever wondered what your favorite color means? 


You are very outgoing and bold. You likely seek adventure, and your favorite ride at Six Flags is probably Goliath. Red is typically associated with excitement, energy, and action. You’re an energetic person, and people see you as an enthusiastic leader. You take charge of your life and go for what you want. You get your work done on time and do it well. You’re always determined, and you have a powerful, assertive personality. 


Orange represents creativity and freedom. You’re a very creative person, putting your ideas to use in all aspects of your life. You have a fun and playful energy that brings out the best in yourself and others. You act as a free spirit, letting your interests guide you. Social situations are easy for you, as you’re a very friendly person and enjoy talking to new people. You’re loyal to those you care about, bringing them support as often as they need when you can provide it. You’re good-natured and have a great attitude towards life. 


Yellow is the happiest color. You radiate positivity, and people gravitate towards you because of your bright and sunny personality. Your disposition is cheerful, and you can lighten up any room. You tend to be optimistic and look for the bright side to anything. You have a vivid imagination, which lends creativity to everything you do. 


You are practical but calming and down-to-earth. You’re very in tune with yourself, and you like to help others. Green is associated with nature, a pretty peaceful place, and you’re peaceful too. You find the practical solution to problems and have an excellent work-life balance. You can see the big picture and can pinpoint priorities and multiple points of view with ease. 


What’s associated with blue? Peace, stability, and harmony are a few words that might come to mind. You’re reliable and steady, but you’re also a moment of peace to others. People find you to be gentle and trustworthy. You’re compassionate and loyal to others. You can be pretty introspective, and others always like hearing what you have to say about any subject. 


You radiate power and can take command of a project with ease. Purple is generally connected to royalty or positions of power. You are a natural leader and are good at what you do. You’re quick-witted and clever, finding solutions to problems with ease. You’re creative and live for the unique things in life. 


You’re fun-loving and expressive. You let your emotions be known, and you’re likely very good at acting. You enjoy having fun, but you don’t let that get in the way of your work. You tend to like whimsical fun. You brighten up the atmosphere of any situation, and you’re a joy to be around. You’re very approachable and appreciate bringing happiness to others. 


Black can be an intense color, representing seriousness but also strength. You command respect and are taken seriously. You’re mysterious at times but quite bold and unique. You’re a risk-taker, and you can be impulsive at the right times. You’re a strong person that perseveres even in the toughest of situations. Friends and family are valuable to you, and you keep them close. 


You’re very calm and can easily bring peace to an argument. You like order and are well-organized. You might not take the lead on projects, but you’re a team player and will get the job done and make the poster look nice. You can be independent when needed, and you have a sense of control that others admire. 


Most people think of calm composure when they think of you. You are relaxed and make compromises in challenging situations. You don’t let others define you, and you make your own space. You’re polished and always seem to know what to say at the right time. You’re often perceived as trustworthy and stable.  

*All of these are assumptions that reflect the views of the author Rebecca Von Tersch.