10 things to do before leaving Carlmont

Tripping on your way down the quad steps is inevitable for every Carlmont student.

Tripping on your way down the quad steps is inevitable for every Carlmont student.

Danielle Hamer, Scot Scoop In Depth Editor

As the second semester approaches the halfway mark and seniors prepare to graduate in just a few months, people are pulling out high school bucket lists and rushing to check every item off before June.

Because Carlmont is a unique community with diverse students, programs, activities, and quirks, it deserves it’s own check list.

Mediocre, strange, and epic alike, there are numerous things Carlmont students should not forget about before they accept their diploma.

10. Go on the balcony overlooking the quad.

This doesn’t seem super epic at first look, but being up there and watching all the students mill around gives you a surprising “Jack and Rose standing at the edge of the ship” feeling.

  1. Take a picture with Monty.

No typical fuzzy mascot suits for us. What’s better than showing your school spirit by posing with a guy in a kilt?

  1. Cheer on a game in the Screamin’ Scots section.

Though it’s highly likely you won’t be able to hear for a week after, cheering with the Screamin’ Scots shows any Carlmont student how spirited Scots can be. Plus, you get blue paint all over yourself.

  1. Take the quad steps four at a time.*

A truly rewarding experience.

*Disclaimer: this goal may be highly achievable or completely impossible dependent on leg length.

  1. Dance to music-guy’s tunes.

Don’t lie to yourself, that EDM music he blasts while walking through the halls on Fridays makes you want to throw off your backpack and commence in a synchronized hip-hop dance number with your friends.

  1. Ride in Mary’s golf cart.

“Look mom! No feet!” It’s not just for injured kids or troublemakers anymore. All the cool kids are doing it.

  1. Get pulled out of class for a newspaper or yearbook article.

We all know the person-opens-classroom-door-asking-for-an-interview-“will it be me?”-breath-holding experience all too well.

  1. Escape class without the orange vest.

It has been scientifically proven that you will get in more trouble if you go outside during class while holding but not wearing the vest rather than without it all.

  1. Buy a spicy chicken sandwich.

What is possibly the most delicious, grossest, unidentifiable dish ever ordered off a menu, the spicy chicken sandwich is one food that all Carlmont students must attempt to ingest at least once in their high school careers. Extra points if you eat it with the suspicious-looking ranch dressing too.

1. Trip while going down — or up — the quad steps.

Not the most fun thing, but it’s undoubtedly a rite of passage. If you’ve never had this freshman moment, during your freshman year or not, are you even a Carlmont student?