A bright beginning for the Ukulele Club

A bright beginning for the Ukulele Club

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For those who are not familiar with ukuleles, they are a smaller version of a guitar with only four strings. Ukuleles are rising in popularity at Carlmont, which led Shawn Geronimo, a sophomore, to create an official Carlmont Ukulele club with help from his sophomore friends Max McBride, Luke Li, Kevin Carroll, and Zach Levin. “The Ukulele Club is a club where students can learn how to play the ukulele from experienced ukulele players,” stated the club’s president, Shawn Geronimo.

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The experienced players will share their knowledge with club members and educate those who are unfamiliar with the ukulele. Once the beginner ukulele players reach the next level and are able to play multiple songs, the club will try to get into performances. “A great idea that came to our minds is to collaborate with the Carlmont Drumline to perform a song or two during an assembly,” said Geronimo.

The club is struggling to raise money to pay for ukuleles and supplies needed for all members. “We’re trying to provide all people with ukuleles, but they’re kind of expensive,” Kevin Carroll stated. “We are planning on creating t-shirts and other apparel for our club to sell to everyone. We will probably have other fundraisers, such as a car wash, in the near future,” Geronimo added.

If you’re interested in joining or helping the Ukulele club, attend the club’s meetings in Mrs. Nilson’s room, D-3, on Thursdays during lunch. “Our club is open to anyone who is interested in learning how to play the ukulele. Our experienced ‘uke’ players and I will help teach you the basics of playing this amazing instrument,” stated Geronimo.

Photos taken by Chris Geronimo.

Video interview with Max McBride and Luke Li, two of the five co-founders of the Carlmont Ukulele Club.

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