A new kind of track star

A junior track and field athlete, Hiba Dahbour has a wide range of interests.

A junior track and field athlete, Hiba Dahbour has a wide range of interests.

Tara Shahrvini, Staff Writer

An aspiring fashion designer and enthusiastic track runner, junior Hiba Dahbour is a one-of-a-kind student at Carlmont.

“Fashion and track are my life. I love shopping for clothes and shoes, and I also love throwing [shot-put and discus]. I see myself as a role model for the freshmen and sophomores. I always encourage them because it’s hard to be the newbie on a high school sports team,” said Dahbour.

After joining her eighth grade track team, Dahbour devoted herself to field activities, in particular throwing. Since then, she has strengthened her skills and become one of the star throwers.

Sophomore Lauren Schmall said, “Hiba is one of the throwers that a lot of people to try be like. She enjoys it, and she’s good it at.”

Dahbour said, “I always try and give everything my 110 percent, even if it’s not a good day, because it’s not worth it to go to practice and participate in the meets if you don’t enjoy it and strive for perfection.”

Schmall said, “I’m so glad that I met Hiba because she is a ray of sunshine. She always smiles and cheers everyone up.”

Besides running, her hobbies include shopping, designing clothes, and listening to a wide range of music, from Hunter Hayes to Chris Brown.

“In the future, I hope to attend UC San Diego or UC Santa Barbara to study design and throw there. After college, I want to become a fashion designer. Clothes are my life. I love to draw pictures of stylish clothes that one day I will be able to create,” said Dahbour.

Sophomore Payton Smith said, “Hiba dresses so stylishly. She has great taste, is a great runner.  I think she will be very successful.”

Her strong personality motivates her to be as best as she can. Hiba has also inspired a number of students into taking up of track as a hobby of their own.

Her younger sister, Noor Dahbour, has also joined the Carlmont track team as a result of Hiba’s constant motivation and encouragement.

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