All about ASB


Elise Dimmick

ASB 2014-15 on Scots Day.

Karissa Tom, Highlander Editor

With a total of 41 members, Carlmont’s 2014-15 ASB is ready for an amazing year.

Leading ASB is Elise Dimmick, ASB president. At her side are the ASB vice presidents, Raine Kerhin and Anna Shutovska. ASB officers represent the whole school opposed to the class officers who only represent their class.

Shutovska said, “ASB organizes many of the activities in the school that people look forward to, such as the dances and the assemblies. ASB makes school more exciting.”

The class officers work on developing spirit and fundraising for their class. The newest officers are the freshmen: Tiffany Chung as president and Jimmy Rudger as vice president.

Rudger said, “My favorite part of ASB is learning how to be the best leader I can be and also how to represent our freshmen class to the best of my ability.”

Aside from the class officers, ASB is split into commissions that have different jobs around the school. These commissions consist of Lunchtime Activities, Assemblies, Dance, Finance, Publicity, Videos, Human Relations, and Spirit.

Although most of the commission names are self explanatory, some names are more vague. For example, Human Relations plans Clubs Fair, the annual Blood Drive and Heritage Fair.

The Spirit and Videos are the newest commissions. As supervisor of Spirit Commission, Alenna Winfield works with Shelby Rebholtz to lead the Screamin’ Scots in football and basketball games. The Videos Commission is led by Amanda Breslauer with her two commissioners, Marco Sevilla and Kristen Friis. They create promotional videos for upcoming events like homecoming and take photos of activities like Carlmont Cup.

Being in ASB includes other responsibilities like selling tickets at football and basketball games, and working at the Student Store.

One of the newest members of ASB, Amber Governale said, “I knew ASB did a lot, but I didn’t know to what extent before. It’s crazy how much effort ASB puts into making school a friendly environment and trying to put smiles on students faces. When I think of the good memories I’ve had in high school, they were all events put on by ASB.”

Whether it’s behind the scenes or leading the Screamin’ Scots, ASB’s influence can be found throughout Carlmont.

Governale said, “You’ve got so many amazing students in there that are all outgoing, creative, and caring. When you put them all together, you get this amazing community filled with tons of energy.”