Annual dodgeball tournament lifts student and staff morale


Preston Kwok

As the round began, students raced towards the line of dodgeballs.

The annual dodgeball tournament is here: teams of students rush down to the field where they wait in anticipation of who they are going to face next. Meanwhile, student spectators watch from the bleachers, wondering who will be eliminated. As students hurled one dodgeball after another, many felt a sense of friendly competitiveness.

For the coming weeks, students participate in a bracket tournament of a classic elementary school game: dodgeball. During lunch, teams of students will be competing on the field to determine who will be the ultimate dodgeball team. Although students aren’t competing for a reward, they are just participating for fun.

“You’ve got people playing games, smiling, and having a great time. They have the chance to get their mind off of their schoolwork for half a second,” said ASB activities director Jim Kelly.

As the students progress closer towards finals, this dodgeball tournament is meant to keep up student morale during school. This year, the competition has been limited to eight teams to prevent an overflow. The games began on Nov. 4 and had been becoming ever more popular.

This event was made possible through the efforts of ASB members. Student coordinators worked out the logistics of the activity, such as gathering teams, reminding them of their participation, gathering supplies, etc.

Aidan Dimick was one of the head coordinators of this event. His job was to organize the teams and plan which teams would play against each other.

“We’re planning a tournament with eight different teams, and they’re all going to play a match. Best two out of three of dodgeball, and they’re just gonna compete to win,” Dimick said.

Because of ASB members, students feel that dodgeball has allowed them to socialize and have fun.

“[During the game,] I try and make new friends and get into new activities and hobbies to have fun,” said Dominic Avila, a freshman.

Not only has this tournament allowed for a social period, but it has also brought back nostalgic memories.

“Instead of like socializing or doing homework, I play because I miss doing dodgeball when I was in elementary. It’s just a fun way to spend lunch,“ said Alexander Watson, a freshman.

Because of the limited spots for entering the game, students decided to watch it instead. Some even stood directly next to the court to get a front-row seat. Student spectators could also feel the fun of the games just from watching from the bleachers.

“I really like to see different grade levels and different people battle it out, especially with the students and the teachers because I like to be competitive,” said Hunter Dahlberg, a sophomore.

I would say there’s never a time when myself or the other faculty are not competitive.”

— Oscar Cortez

Not only do students experience the competitiveness of the game, but even staff members and teachers also had the chance to play. Some get a break from grading assignments, while others settle dormant grudges with their students.

“[I am grateful to have the] opportunity to compete with not just your fellow faculty colleagues, but also competing against the [students] and to show the students how to play the game the right way,” said Oscar Cortez, an English teacher.

The students beat the teachers in a 5-0 game.

While dodgeball may seem like a wild sport, both students and teachers can come together in a game of dodgeball and escape from the stress of their scheduled lives.

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