ASB beats down on bullying


Julia Kranzler, Staff Writer

ASB put their foot down against bullying this year by constructing a week long anti-bullying campaign.

“Anti -Bullying Week is the one week out of the year where we spread awareness of bullying and how very real and prevalent it still is,” said ASB senior Ethan Wallace.

As much as society tries to ignore it, bullying is still an issue and is present as ever. A study conducted in 2010 revealed roughly 160,000 children skip school daily in fear of being bullied. In an era of social media, cyber bullying occurs more than ever. Over half of adolescents today have been bullied online.

ASB hopes to get everyone involved in Anti-Bullying Week. “We are setting up a place in the quad where Human Relations will hand out wristbands as long as you sign a pledge saying that you are not going to be a bully,” said senior class president Tristan Gasperian.

Starting Oct. 14 and ending Oct. 18th,  a table will be set up in the quad where students will receive wristbands. All students are encouraged to take a stand against bullying and sign the pledge.

“Anti-Bullying Week is a week of acceptance and especially prevention of bullying…This year is just the start of the campaign so we hope to carry it on for next year and to make it an annual thing and to make it grow, so this year is kind of like a kick-off.” said Human Relations commissioner Mathilde Zanelly.

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