ASB sells prom tickets in the quad


Suzanna Floersch

Students wait in a long line in order to buy their prom ticket

Suzanna Floersch , Staff Writer

Carlmont prom is on Friday, April 28, and many students are excited about the event.

Tickets are being sold in the quad at lunch. This year’s prom is called “In the Deep Blue” and will be held at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco.

Kimberly Lane, a senior and ASB prom commissioner, said, “My commission and I are in charge of setting prices based off a budget that we create, designing invitations, selling, and keeping track of the money we generate.”

According to Lane, prom venues are chosen by the dance commission two years in advance because the popular locations tend to fill up fast, especially in the city. When choosing the venue, dance commissioners visit multiple locations and then make the best decision for the students.

“After that is done, we sign a contract and submit a deposit,” said Lane.

Sophomore Becky Kosovsky, an ASB prom commissioner, said, “I help set up the ticket selling tables, organize all the people that are selling tickets that particular day, and manage the money boxes and the ticket selling. Usually, about 700 to 900 students buy a prom ticket.”

The ASB prom commissioners publicize prom by word-of-mouth, posters around school, the marquee, and social media posts. These posters and posts give students information about when and where to buy tickets. They also provide information about ticket prices and one-day sales.

While information about prom was readily accessible, actually buying prom tickets was not as easy as some had hoped. Some students were frustrated by the long lines they had to wait in in order to buy their ticket.

Lucas Becker, a junior, said, “The line for buying a ticket was way too long and took my whole lunch. I did not find buying the prom ticket easy, which was unfortunate.”

Despite the long lines, ASB helps make buying prom tickets easier for the students and works hard at making prom an amazing night to remember.