ASB wraps up the first semester


As semester one ends, ASB is preparing for the fun future events of second semester/

Tara Shahrvini, Staff Writer

As the end of first semester approaches, Carlmont’s Associated Student Body prepares for upcoming events.

Lately, ASB has organized a number of activities for students and staff, including dodgeball and holiday grams. ASB is also advocating Support a Family, a program designed to raise money for Carlmont families in need during the the holiday season.

ASB supervisor Jim Kelly said, “ASB organizes extracurricular activities each month. The goal of these activities is to raise school spirit and motivate students academically.”

In addition to these smaller activities, plans for the second semester’s biggest events are being made.

“The dance commission has recently met to plan the winter formal dance, and the assembly commission is starting to organize the heritage fair,” said Kelly.

Winter formal will be held in the Fox Theater on Jan. 25. The theme will be finalized within the next few days.

Although it is two months away, students are already talking about the dance and making plans.

Sophomore Serenity Gregerson said, “I did not go to formal last year, but I am really excited to go to this year’s. Lots of people liked homecoming and said it was a big improvement from last year, so I’m hoping that formal will be just as great.”

Like winter formal, the heritage fair at the end of February is one of the year’s most anticipated events.

Sophomore Kevin Shu said, “In my opinion, the heritage fair is the best assembly. It pumps students up and broadens their horizons. The dances from each region of the world are unique and express pride in students’ cultures and nationalities.”

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