Benefits of community service go beyond school requirements


Brooke Chang

Unlike many other high schools, Carlmont does not require its students to do community service as a graduation requirement.

Lily Bakour, Staff Writer

The fight to get into colleges is the most competitive it has ever been.

The perfect student will maintain above a 4.0, participate in multiple extracurriculars, and log hours of community service.

Many private schools, such as St. Francis and Notre Dame require at least 50 to 80 hours of community service hours to graduate.

However, at Carlmont, no such requirements are in place.

Bailey McKeon, a sophomore at Notre Dame, said, “If service hours weren’t required I would definitely still do some, but probably not as many. I really enjoy helping people and the community as a whole, and I am thankful that I was introduced to it through school.”

Having community service hours on your college application shows colleges that you are part of a larger community, which is commonly accepted as a favored quality to have.

However, some students do community hours for their own self fulfillment.

Junior Casey Costello said, “I do community service because it’s fun and nice to know I’m helping others instead of doing something like watching TV. I put a small amount of time each week, but I know it makes a big difference.”

There is a long list of mandatory requirements for graduation, however administration does not supervise the hours of community service done by students.

Jennifer Cho, the Instructional Vice President, said, “We do promote graduates to give back to the community, and everyone is behind that. However, we do not monitor it so that students aren’t held back at graduation for that reason.”

According to a study done at University of San Diego, community service reduces stress and improves your health. It is also proven that it encourages civil responsibilities, and is associated with academic gain.

Although not mandatory at Carlmont, the benefits of community service hours are evident through the great impacts they have on the people who participate in them, and those who are being helped as well.

Administration encourages students to partake in such a humbling experience and promotes giving back to the community that raised them.