Candy snowman building brings holiday cheer to students


Mari Ramirez

Members of ASB’s Spirit commission and students enjoy the snowman candy building.

It’s the time of year where the quad transforms into a winter wonderland, filled with holiday activities in which students participate.

The Holiday Village is an annual tradition that students can always count on. The village is set up for students to enjoy the week before finals.

On Dec. 12, the Associated Student Body’s (ASB) Spirit commission allowed students to partake in cookie decorating and candy snowman building during lunch.

While the snowman building was free, each cookie cost 50 cents.

Although the cost for cookie decorating seemed minuscule to many, some students were not willing to pay the price.

“One reason why I decided to do the candy snowman building instead of the cookie decorating was that it was free. I know the cookies were cheap, but, this way, I got a free dessert,” said Ashlyn Kwan, a junior.

Later on in the week, on Dec. 13, students will be able to wear ugly sweaters for spirit day, take a picture with Santa during lunch, and enjoy free hot chocolate after school.

“I think the whole idea of a Holiday Village is fun, especially because it’s a great reminder that the semester is almost over, and that break is really close,” said Katie Blondino, a junior. “I also think it’s cute how there’s a Christmas tree in the quad because it gets everyone in the holiday spirit.”

Not only does the food decorating activities let students relax, but they also get students prepared for the rest of the week.

“In my opinion, the dessert decorating is a good way to get people excited for Friday’s festivities,” Kwan said.

From free food to pictures with Santa, students can enjoy a wide variety of events, whether it’s to de-stress or just have fun.

So far, every day this week, cookie decorating has been sold out at the end of lunch, and the candy snowman building seems to be a hit among students.

“I’ve never thought of using marshmallows and pretzels to build snowmen, but I think it’s a creative activity, and I hope it’s available again next year,” said Pooja Rajidi, a junior.

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