Carlmont competes for best costumes


Rachel Borshchenko

Sophomores Aliana El Shawa and Oliver Golden show off their deer costumes during the first round of the contest.

Rachel Borshchenko, Staff Writer

The Halloween Costume Contest brought spirit out of the Carlmont student body the day before Halloween.

Spirit, spooks and laughs were abundant in the quad during lunch on Oct. 30.

The Costume Contest is an annual event held by ASB in which students compete for the recognition of having the best costume of all of the students. The contest has typically included the Thriller dance performed by the Carlmont dance students, which did not happen this year.

Junior Kimberly Lane, the winner of the contest, said that she did not expect to win, but was happy with the result.

“I came up with my costume yesterday when I had nothing to wear,” said Lane. “I didn’t know I would win, I just wanted to have fun and participate.”

Three finalists were picked out of all the competitors, and the winner, Lane, was given a Starbucks gift card. Crowd participation was encouraged, and the winner was picked by how loud the student audience’s cheers for them were.

Sophomore Aliana El Shawa, part of a group costume called “The Elemental Deer,” said she had fun putting together her costume for the contest.

“Deer are my favorite animal, and I like to be fancy. It was fun to get to put those two things together in my costume,” said El Shawa.

Lots of students came down to the quad  to watch the competition, many of whom were wearing Halloween costumes themselves.

“I came to see the creative costume ideas of other people,” said sophomore Elise Haugerud.

The quad stairs were full of people, some of whom were dressed in costume, and some who weren’t. Regardless of clothing choice, the crowd members still cheered for the the best costume and enjoyed the parade.

Sophomore Rhea Subramanian, who watched the costume contest, said, “I thought it was really fun and people got into it.” Regarding the costumes themselves, she said, “I really liked all the costumes, but my favorite was the Napoleon Dynamite group.”

The Halloween Costume contest brings out a different side of students than is seen on an everyday basis and gives Carlmont a different feeling than most days.

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