Carlmont experiments with new art displays


Chesirae Barbano

Carlmont's updated display case features the work of students.

Chesirae Barbano, Staff Writer

The Student Union’s newly renovated art display revealed new collaboration between the visual arts department and the administration.

It was the first step taken towards beautifying the campus with visual arts students’ designs.

The visual arts department and administration believed the art would form a stronger, more connected community.

Visual arts teacher Julia Schulman hoped the new display cases would “influence students to be more active in visual arts.”

It was the chance for artistic students to share their work with their community.

Junior Stephanie Ruiz-Flores said, “Being able to see more student work around the school would give students a chance to not only show off their work but demonstrate the artistic value that comes from the art itself.”

Her first encounter with the arts department was in F hall when she first started high school and now she’s currently an illustration and design 2 student.

The goal not only was to benefit the arts students but also benefit fellow students not in the art program.

Ruiz-Flores said, “I feel like other students might become more interested in joining an art class. Seeing what their fellow peers can create might influence them to want to do the same.”

Administrative Vice Principal Gregg Patner said he liked “the exposure of having an opportunity for other people to see what is being done in class for the source of admiring and aspiring.”

He revealed the next step was to debate adding a mural or another display case in C hall’s student filled walk-ways.

According to Patner, Principal Crame and Carlmont’s campus custodian debated appropriate display cases on Oct. 8 but the installation date hadn’t been discussed.

They aimed to get a deep display case to house poster art and three-dimensional art.

Besides beautifying the campus, Patner asserts the community feeling is “what we’re trying to ultimately bring.”


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