Students show school spirit for Homecoming festivities


Noelle Erslovas

Students celebrate the last day of Spirit Week and prepare for the Homecoming game.

Carlmont’s spirit week is a reminder of the Halloween season and an opportunity for engaging and entertaining activities. Organized by the Associated Student Body (ASB), this week of ventures promotes the Homecoming dance and gets everyone excited for the upcoming holiday. The whole school, ranging from students to teachers, was seen sporting their spirit-themed wear to switch things up for a week.

Many students were happy to see the amount of school spirit and participation during the days, as numerous students could be seen around campus decked out in theme.

“Especially being in ASB, it feels so good to see everyone be happy and get out of their comfort zones,” said Lise Teyssier, a Carlmont senior. “This year turned out very well because it was our first spirit week since COVID-19, and so many people dressed up every day.”

Students partake in one of the many activities Homecoming Week has to offer by painting pumpkins. (Noelle Erslovas)

A spirit week is a collection of days during homecoming week where everyone dresses up according to the themes and goes to school-wide events to prepare for homecoming. It can be a fun way for students to let loose and come together amidst a stressful time.

“I love the activities the school puts out because we get something fun and relaxing to do during a stressful day of school work,” said Natalie Dronskiy, a Carlmont junior. “My favorite thing about spirit week is seeing all the people that dressed up and having fun.” 

Each day of the week had a different theme for everyone to dress up and accessorize. This year, the homecoming theme was “Haunted Halloween!” and the dance’s theme was “Monster Mash.” ASB incorporated these themes into a spirit week through festive decorations and spirited music.

“It’s definitely one of my favorite parts of the week,” said Katelyn Nightengale, a Carlmont senior. “It really helps everyone get into the mindset of homecoming week and feel a sense of community.”

It’s definitely one of my favorite parts of the week because it really helps everyone get into the mindset of Homecoming week and feel a sense of community. ”

— Katelyn Nightengale

Other aspects included the crowning of the Carlmont Homecoming Court. The nominees participated in a friendly competition, with each grade voting for their Homecoming Court. Finally, the Homecoming assembly and lunch parade set the stage for two significant two events for which the spirit week is made of. 

The Homecoming Game is the biggest football game of the year, and Carlmont supporters swarmed into the stands to show their support. This year, Carlmont faced Menlo High School. Although the Scots fell to the Menlo Knights, the crowd’s spirit never once faltered, helping the team persevere throughout the entire game.

Closing off the long-lasting yet eventful week was the Homecoming dance which, although held in the quad this year, still managed to break ticket records with the most amount of tickets bought in the past years. Aside from a few safety restrictions, students danced the night away in their Halloween costumes, with music blaring throughout the quad.

“I love activities like this for school spirit because it actually fills me with joy to see everyone involved and having fun,” Teyssier said.