Carlmont’s shadowing program


Tian Chary, Staff writer

As the first semester quickly approaches to an end, Carlmont has already began its 8th grade shadowing program to welcome the soon to be freshmen.

For many high school seniors, college is the next step to making it into the real world. For many eighth graders, high school is the next big decision. Carlmont provides a eighth grade shadowing program.

Name tags Carlmont’s Shadowing Program offers two options for eighth grade students. Whether they are certain to attend Carlmont or are visiting multiple schools before making their final decision, the program has options to fit student needs.

Individual shadowing started in November and ends in February. A eighth grader is teamed up with an underclassman and the middle schooler gets a personal experience with specific classes.

“A lot of students prefer to come in a group because with individual shadowing, [the student] is assigned to someone they might not know and they may not be attending the classes they are interested in. This way, [they] can come with friends. It works especially well with students who know they are coming to Carlmont,” eighth grade transition team member Michele Carlsen said.

Group shadowing was on Nov. 20. This program gives the students the opportunity to experience as a group. Around 100 eighth graders meet in the student union for an introductory presentation then it is wrapped up with a small tour group led by two to three Carlmont students who answers any additional questions.

Cindy Ji, a current eighth grader from Ralston Middle School said, “My mom [introduced me to this program]. This is really cool. It feels really welcoming and the school is big.”

During the presentation, many clubs and activities are involved. For instance, both Chamber Choir and Drumline perform.

Not only are middle schoolers treated to performances, but they are also bestowed with daily survival ideas.

Freshman Karla Valenica said, “[We teach] them how to wake up early in the morning to come to school.

Although it is early, class of 2019 has already made a special appearance at Carlmont High School.