Caution: don’t slip


As Carlmont students truly welcomed winter this December they were greeted with low temperatures.

When one mentions California, most people think about sun-kissed tans, sandy beaches, and tall palm trees. However, this is not the case for local Californians this winter. For the past week, there has been a dramatic decline in temperatures, with lows around 35 Fahrenheit and highs around 55 Fahrenheit.

Black Ice As a result, there has been black ice all around campus in the mornings this past week. Because black ice is transparent and difficult to see, it has became a hazard around school.

Carlmont has taken precautions by setting out caution cones and sprinkling salt onto the pavement to prevent slips and falls. Junior Kaitlyn Sanders said, “[The administration] should make announcements saying be sure to look out for the black ice on campus, [it is] very slippery.”

On the other hand, many students are taking advantage of the traction-free pavement. Near E-Wing in the morning, students were sliding down the slope pretending to skate.

Senior Austin Lockhart said, “[One of my friends] fell and almost did a full split.”

Some other precautions students can take are walking the penguin walk: when walking on icy surfaces, take small steps to maintain balance. If that doesn’t work, avoid walking on shiny surfaces in general.

Another issue with the December weather is students struggling trying to keep warm between classes. Senior Gabe Crespin said, “I am wearing just normal clothes, but windbreakers are a prime!”

Lockhart added, “I keep warm by wearing three layers.”

For these last few days of school this semester, make sure to steer clear of black ice and stay warm.