Choir’s big honor


Twelve choir students from Carlmont were chosen to go to the Coastal Region Honor Choir showcase this weekend to display their talents.

“When you have a hundred awesome singers in one room, the sound you get is amazing. It’s one of the reasons I love choir, because we sound so good when we sing as a group” said senior James Baskerville.

Baskerville is one of the 12 choir students at Carlmont along with Miles Coe, Sai Srimat, Jason McGee, Dario Johnson, Jasmine Davidson, Snehal Pandey, Sierra Segal, Kelly Gough, Grace Gowen, Coby Zhong and Maggie Peterson to be accepted into the Coastal Region Honor Choir showcase.

“Honor Choir is two auditioned groups that get together and sing challenging music for a weekend. Carlmont is in the Coastal Region, so that’s the section of the choir we belong to” said sophomore Sierra Segal.

Although most high schools only get about one to four students able to get into this showcase, Carlmont had more.

“There was an audition we had to drive a ways to. You had to know scales, be able to sight read and have good tonal memory, and sing an Italian art piece” said Segal.

The selected choir kids going will practice singing techniques with college level singers for two days and on the final day the will perform in front of the rest of the high schools.

The songs have been practiced for the past two weeks by Carlmont performers.

“I know that this program never ceases to amaze me with the talent of the students involved along with the instructors,” said senior Miles Coe. “They never cease to amaze me.”