CSF continues to captivate students


Junior Leah Roe counts the money submitted for second semester members.

Gianna Schuster, ScotCenter Student Interviews

With the new semester at hand, Carlmont’s California Scholarship Foundation (CSF) continues to stay alive with its multitude of loyal club leaders and members.

A variety of factors contributed to the club’s success during the first semester.

Junior Leah Roe counts the money submitted for second semester members.
Junior Leah Roe counts the money submitted for second semester members.

“CSF isn’t just a place where students go to sign up for community service events,” said senior Kiana Yekrang.

“You have to meet grade requirements to join, and this ensures us that people involved in the club really take what they are doing seriously. If you stay really involved with it and participate with some friends, it makes it so much fun because you can have a good time and also help people at the same time,” Yekrang continued.

The advantage of easily accessible opportunities to volunteer was a factor that attracted many students to join CSF.

Junior Natalie Tussy said, “CSF provides community service events that are local, which is so helpful to those with a busy schedule. Also, the time slots for a lot of them are on weekends, which is nice because it does not interrupt things going on after school. With a lot going on, it is nice to still be able to be part of something and help out those in need.”

Not only are these community service events easy to attend, but many were enjoyable and appealed to the interests of students.

“CSF is really fun because you get to do it with your friends and also make new friends in the process of volunteering. Sometimes, the volunteer events are a ton of fun, too. Once we got to volunteer at the chocolate fest, and we all had a great time,” said Tussy.

Many students were captivated to join CSF because it is said to attract colleges. Since it counts as an extracurricular club as well as volunteer hours, it can be the best of both worlds for students aspiring to attend certain universities or areas of schooling after graduating from high school.

To become a CSF member, students must submit a copy of their transcript, a CSF member application form, and $5 by Jan. 16, so there is still the chance to make a difference and make a memory by becoming an involved member of CSF.