Dance show emcees


Dance show emcees 2013 and their friend Drake Lem

Introducing the Carlmont Dance show emcees for 2013.

Brandon Patterson:

– Plays drums,guitar, piano, and deejays
– Loves basketball and track
– Someday hopes to own his own island.


Hector Prado:

– Middle name is Alejandro
– Plays basketball
– Known by many as “The Protege”


Tim Gachot:

– Beyonce is his sister
– Enjoys smelling people
– Dreams of building a second white house


Connor Moore:

– Loves to dance
– Ambidextrous in sports
– Middle name is Mckay


Mduduzi Hlatshwayo:

– Known as the “song child” of his generation
– Plays basketball
– Does not have a middle name


Michael Saber:

– Learning how to longboard
– Embraces his African heritage
– Favorite movie is Superstar


Nick Long:

– Has a tie collection
– Was the first Carlmont tech student
– Is a proud Eagle Scout


The Carlmont Dance Show will take place on May 10, 11, and 12.

The Carlmont Dance emcees  for the 2013 May show and their friend Drake Lem messing around during practice