Discover new opportunities with Anatomy Academy

Sophomore Phoebe Zhang explains the goals of Anatomy Academy to an interested student.

Sophomore Phoebe Zhang explains the goals of Anatomy Academy to an interested student.

Connor Lin, Staff Writer

Students interested in the medical industry can join Anatomy Academy, one of Carlmont’s newest clubs.

Anatomy Academy aims to provide opportunities for students to volunteer at local hospitals and other events.

Club President Phoebe Zhang, a sophomore, said, “Club members will learn about medical professions while receiving volunteer hours for their work at Sequoia Hospital.”

Anatomy Academy was founded early this year with the desire to educate students about medical professions.

Zhang said, “I started this club with my friends because we were curious about the medical industry ourselves. Now is usually the time when people are asked to choose the profession they want to study as an adult, and we realized that many high school students are not familiar with the medical field.”

Anatomy Academy plans to host many different events throughout the year for its members to gain knowledge about the medical field.

Sophomore Maddy Li, co-vice president of Anatomy Academy, said, “We’re planning on spending time at Sequoia Hospital to volunteer and receive a firsthand experience involving medical businesses. We also plan to invite guest speakers to share their experiences from the medical field.”

At the first club meeting following the Carlmont Clubs Fair, Anatomy Academy explained the purpose of the club to an overflowing room of interested students. After the meeting, the club reported to have more than 40 registered members.

Club member Anna Singer, a sophomore, said, “Anatomy Academy has a cool idea for a club. They provide club members with interesting volunteer events.”

Anatomy Academy has a busy agenda ahead of them, which includes volunteering at The Color Run, touring different hospitals, and listening to speeches from guest speakers involved with the medical industry.

Zhang said, “It’s hard to find times that are convenient for hospitals to have volunteers, but we have communicated with Sequoia Hospital through this club. There’s not a lot of clubs like this in high school.”