EA Sports continues with another successful edition of Fifa

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EA Sports has recently released the newest edition of the soccer franchise Fifa 14 with Lionel Messi as cover athlete for the second consecutive year.

The developers this year have made it their goal to fix up the graphics of the game. They added a whole new set of face designs for create a player option. In addition they have made a lot of  improvements of arenas for the new PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One to give the player the best gaming experience in Fifa history.

Lionel Messi dons the cover of Fifa 14 making it his second consecutive cover.

Lionel Messi dons the cover of Fifa 14 making it his second consecutive cover.

“The thing I love the most of this year’s game is the cover, I love Messi he is my favorite soccer player and he deserves to be in back-to-back covers,” said senior James Schulte.

While senior Tristan Gasperian said, “The feature I love the most is the create a player feature, it is all new and feature that makes the player look like me which helps me live my dream of a professional soccer player.”

This year in addition to the graphics this year’s game plans to include all the kits for all the national teams that will participate in next year’s World Cup  hosted in Brazil.

One of the key features that this game includes is that it gives the player a variety of options to celebrate goals by doing backflips and other celebrations by using either joystick.

Fifa 14 also has the Ultimate Team feature which lets the player acquire their favorite players in one team and face off against other players in the world.

“I love the Ultimate Team feature becasue it makes me create these dream team like teams and  play my friends with the teams they have created,” said senior Jared Fitzpatrick.

Fifa is not the only soccer video game  available, PES 2014 is also now available but it only includes european teams.

FIfa 14 is now available for all the new consoles for $59.99.

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