Feminist Club expands views on feminism


Heather Pritchard

Feminist Club gathers for their first meeting in D8 on Sept. 8. The group talked about their goals for this year and why feminism is important today. “I’ve always been so inspired to teach others about feminism,” said Vice President Azucena Duran.

Marina Ferme , Staff writer

The new officers for the Feminist Club are excited for what they have planned for this year, such as collaborations with other clubs  and events planned to spread the true meaning of feminism: the equality of all people. 

The new officers want to get more people involved this year with the club and want to reach out to people of all races and genders making them feel welcome in Feminist Club.

“There are always struggles getting males involved because people think feminism is just about females, but this year we want to get them more involved,” said Chloe Wen, the new Outreach coordinator.

The club has several new officers this year. The president is Isabel Harnett, a senior; the vice president is Azucena Duran, a sophomore; the social media coordinator is Heather Pritchard, a senior; the Zines magazine coordinator is Skylar Weiss, a senior; the new Outreach coordinator is Chloe Wen, a junior.

Feminist Club also wants to collaborate with other clubs, which was something they did last year.

They are debating on whether or not they want to do Fortifying Bridges again this year, which was a week when clubs gathered together to spread unity. The clubs held a ceremony on Feb. 3 last year along with events in the quad during the week. 

They also plan on having another tampon/pad drive, as well as holding Gender Equality Week which is a week where they celebrate the equality of men and women. 

The new club officers want to spread the message that feminism isn’t just about equality for women.

Wen said, “A feminist is someone who believes in the political, social and economical equality of race, gender and classes.”

The new officers are very excited to explore different types of feminism such as intersectional feminism, which includes women from different backgrounds and identities that experience oppression in different forms from one person to another. The vice presidents had a lot of experience studying feminists in the past.

“I feel like I bring a new perspective [to the club]. I have been interested in feminism ever since I was a kid, so I think that we are going to enhance what past officers have already done,” said Duran. 

The Outreach coordinator and the vice president want to break the stereotypes and expand the knowledge of what feminism means.

Their next steps to expand the knowledge of feminism is by holding meetings with presentations on why feminism is relevant today and the history of feminism, as well as expressing the different aspects of feminism through the Zines magazine which helps their audience visualize their message.

This year the Feminist Club officers want to expand and get more people involved in the club and show that feminism advocates for the equality of all people.

“I wanted to get involved and try and teach people about feminism because I know that a lot of people don’t understand it. As an officer, I feel like I could teach them more about it,” said Wen.

The club meets in room D8 every other Friday; their next meeting is on Oct. 20.