Filipino Club and Varsity Volleyball play a spirited Carlmont Cup


Brooke Chang

Junior Spencer Enriquez battles senior Mia Hogan in Tug of War as their teammates from Filipino Club and Varsity Volleyball cheer them on in round two of Carlmont Cup.

Brooke Chang, Scot Scoop Editor-in-Chief

Varsity Volleyball and Filipino Club showed their spirit in an intense showdown during round two of Carlmont Cup.

Before the match had even begun, Varsity Volleyball and Filipino Club showed their dedication in a loud dispute over junior Chris Ding. Ding is a part of the Filipino club as well as the manager of the varsity volleyball team.

“Overlapping teams are a common problem in Carlmont Cup because many students are very involved in our school and they just have to choose who they want to play for,” said sophomore ASB member Jade Sebti.

After choosing to participate as part of the Filipino Club, Ding helped them to beat Varsity Volleyball 3-2.

Both Filipino Club and Varsity Volleyball showed their spirit by cheering on their teammates throughout the many games.

Volleyball took an early lead by winning the first two games of Tug of War and Bucket Ball, but Filipino Club came back by winning games three and four.

In the final game of Rapid Fire, Filipino Club beat Varsity Volleyball by knocking all of their plastic cups off of the table using just the power of a water gun.

Despite the loss, Varsity Volleyball showed their appreciation for Filipino Club’s energetic attitude.

Junior volleyball player Hannah Wright said, “We played well even though we lost, and it was a good game because Filipino Club is really cool and we’re all friends with each other.”

For Filipino Club, the Carlmont Cup was more than just fun. It also allowed members to feel that their culture was supported throughout the school.

“It was exhilarating to feel all the support for the Filipino heritage,” said sophomore Filipino club member Cameron Ho.

With round two in the bag, Filipino Club is looking forward to their next Carlmont Cup match against Boys Water Polo at lunch on Oct. 8.

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