Flannel Friday frenzy


Three flannels laid out in preparation for Flannel Friday

Josh Fagel, Staff Writer

Country lifestyle is invading Carlmont in the form of a spirit day.

On Friday Nov. 22, Carlmont’s Associated Student Body (ASB) is organizing a day when students are encouraged to wear flannel shirts to school. This is the first “school spirit day” since Homecoming Week.

“I love spirit days like this one because most people own a flannel shirt, so everyone can get into it. It’s a great way to raise school spirit,” said junior Gigi Vlahos.

But not every student shares the same level of enthusiasm for spirit days such as Flannel Friday.

Senior Brandon Moyle said that spirit days are “misleading,” as “people dress up to look cute and to conform, not because they have school spirit.”

While there are disagreements regarding the effect of spirit days on school spirit and morale, ASB members invariably voice their support for spirit days.

“Even though some will argue that themed dress up days are pointless events, imagine being at a school where there was no charisma, no character, and no fun,” said ASB member Ethan Wallace.

Wallace continued, “It is our job in ASB to make our school more of a fun and engaging community, and less like an academic labor camp. School takes up 75 percent of our young adult lives, and even though it is a place for learning, it is just as important to keep your mindset creative and engaged.”

Moyle, in his own defense, said, “it’s not that I don’t think spirit days are fun, I just don’t like looking like other people.”

“Whether or not students take advantage of this opportunity, it’s up to them. We are just trying to make these four years of high school as enjoyable as they can possibly be,” said Wallace.