Floats highlight homecoming festivities


Izzy Mitchell

Homecoming nominees Cate Armstrong and Josh Camerino help tape decorations onto the sophomore class float.

Nicole del Cardayre, Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again.

On Oct. 24, Carlmont’s floats and their homecoming nominees made their official debut in front of hundreds of students and parents.

During the homecoming game, each class paraded around the track in their designated floats. These floats were designed to show off each class’s homecoming nominees. Each class created their own theme which they then portrayed on their floats. Class presidents and vice presidents were responsible for the decoration of the floats, along with the help of homecoming nominees and volunteers.

Tiffany Chung, the sophomore class president tried to accommodate everyone’s desires for the float: “Our inspiration was to find something that everyone would like and recognize.”

The construction of the floats happened on Thursday Oct. 23. All of the homecoming nominees, class officers and spirited volunteers participated to help build their display for the homecoming football game.

“The floats created a more spirited environment, they helped the students and staff become more excited about our homecoming week.” said Josh Camerino, a sophomore at Carlmont Highschool.

During the half time parade, the floats and their homecoming nominees made their appearance around the track.

Before the game Tyrese Lopez, a sophomore in ASB said, “I am excited for the reactions of the people and seeing everyone pumped up.”

Most often, the floats incorporate brightly colored decorations with well thought out themes. This year’s themes included Disney, Jaws, UP,  and Super Seniors. The class officers found their themes by using social media.

“Our float theme is Jaws because it’s fun and it’s something that everyone knows about. Also it was the top choice in our survey we put out,” said Chung.

In previous years, floats have used themes such as The Hunger Games, and Ancient Rome. These were portrayed by chariots making their ways around Carlmont’s football field.

As all the classes proudly paraded the track with their masterpieces, Screamin’ Scots, Homecoming nominees, and class officers cheered on the crowd of Carlmont football fans.

“We totally achieved our goal, it looked so good!” said Chung.

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