“Friday” the latest YouTube sensation

After having millions of views in just a few days, 13-year-old Rebecca Black’s debt single “Friday” is becoming the newest YouTube sensation for all the wrong reasons.

For the past two weeks, Black’s song has been one of the main topics on popular websites Twitter and Tumblr. Her sudden eruption of popularity has landed “Friday” on iTunes Top 100, which in a few days has continued to climb closer to number one.

With poetic lyrics and a repetitive beat, it’s obvious her song style would be compared to that of Justin Bieber, who also came to fame through YouTube.

In the song, Black explains her routine for a typical Friday with being auto-tuned. Just in case her fans forgot, she explained the order of the days with lyrics “Yesterday was Thursday/Today is Friday…Tomorrow is Saturday/And Sunday comes afterwards.”

Black’s song and video seem to leave listeners with more questions than needed. Did she ever pick which seat to take? Why are her friends such bad dancers? Are those kids even old enough to drive? What is that rapper doing there? Wait, what day comes after Friday again?

It doesn’t seem like Black’s 15-minutes of fame will be running out anytime soon. Fans will be looking forward to her next single, most likely titled “Saturday.”