Gay is not a substitute for stupid

Gay is not a substitute for stupid

Jessica Adair, Staff Writer/Columnist

The word ‘gay’ has many definitions; it can mean lighthearted, brightly colored, or homosexual.

However, nowadays, ‘gay’ has taken on a different meaning. People, mainly teenagers, now use it to describe a situation, person, or thing that seems stupid to them.

On a daily basis, I hear people use the word ‘gay’ in the wrong context and it’s extremely upsetting. If we are assigned a lot homework or are given a hard test, someone always says, “This is so gay.” When somebody gets an answer wrong or trips on the stairs, eventually, somebody will say, “Man, you’re so gay.”

Unknown-1I’ve literally looked in every dictionary known to man, and not of one them says that gay is another word for stupid. There are tons of words that are related to the word ‘stupid’; foolish, simple-minded, pea-brained, moronic, or idiotic are just a few of the many synonyms a person could use.

Yet, for some unknown reason, these people have elected ‘gay’ as their word of choice? Either their vocabulary is nonexistent or they somehow truly believe that being gay is the same as being stupid.

I’ve even become immune to hearing people use the word ‘gay’ incorrectly because it occurs so frequently. A society where people maliciously use words in the wrong context just because they don’t have time to open a dictionary and search for some new words, is not a society that I want to live in.

People need to realize that when they say things like, “That’s so gay,” it sounds both unintelligent and hurtful, and that’s just the way it is.