Go Fish Poke tops all other poke places


Rachel Borshchenko

My bowl, on the right, and my friend’s bowl, on the left, made for a great and filling lunch.

Rachel Borshchenko, Staff Writer

There is no shortage of poke places in the so-called trendy Bay Area.

Go Fish Poke in Redwood City happens to be one of them.

Rachel Borshchenko
A large mural covers the main wall of Go Fish Poke.

The small restaurant is located parallel to the Redwood City movie theater, across from Courthouse Square, in an unassuming shop with plenty of outdoor seating.

Go Fish Poke actually has multiple locations: the one in Redwood City as well as ones in Palo Alto, Santa Clara, and San Jose. From my experience, all the locations are identical in taste and quality.

The poke bowls are fully customizable and served in an assembly-line format similar to Chipotle restaurants.

First, customers have the choice of white rice, brown rice, or a lettuce blend. For my bowl, I opted for a hefty serving of brown rice.

Next, you can add cucumbers, onion, and a scoop of miso crab.  One of the reasons I prefer Go Fish over other poke places is because of their delicious miso crab, so I made sure to add that to my bowl in addition to the cucumbers and onion.

Rachel Borshchenko
The restaurant is typically filled with people waiting to assemble their bowls.

After that comes the most important part, the fish. Go Fish has a large variety of fish options, including yellowtail, salmon, ahi tuna, and spicy scallops. They even have a vegetarian option made from marinated tofu and edamame.

I always choose the same fish: salmon, ahi tuna, and the signature poke mix, which is pre-marinated ahi tuna. Customers are also given a choice of sauce; I usually go for the ponzu.

The last to be added are the extra and dry toppings. I added ginger, seaweed salad (for an extra dollar), and dry seaweed.

After going through the entire assembly line, I paid for my bowl, which came out to around $14 total.

Though a little pricey, the fresh fish and quality of the ingredients was definitely worth it and I did add the extra seaweed salad for a dollar.

Taking my first bite reconfirmed the reason why I had already loved Go Fish poke over all other places: the great quality of the fish.

The fish tasted fresh and all the other ingredients were of great quality. Honestly, I could find nothing wrong with my poke bowl. And, of course, the best part was the miso crab.

If you’re looking for the best poke place in the area, definitely head over to Go Fish in Redwood City.

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