Green Youth Alliance’s “Food Revolution”

Green Youth Alliances Food Revolution

Sabrina Talpur, Staff Writer

“Right now Green Youth Alliance is taking steps on spreading awareness about healthy food,” said senior and President of GYA, Gabby D’Souza. Most recently GYA met up at the Redwood City Library Oct. 16 to host an event called “Food Revolution”.

GYA focuses on educating youth about the importance of environmental preservation and helps to change behaviors that are destructing our environment. These individual are dedicated to take on these responsibilities within our school and our community.

The event revolved around Ana Sofia’s documentary Fresh, which highlighted benefits of sustainable food sources. Group discussions followed shortly after revolving around topics such as the growing Farm to School movement and Colony Collapse Disorder.

Members of the club brought along organic food from local farms or their own homes. Items such as sandwiches, apple pies, salad, and cookies made from honey were brought along.

A critical issue discussed was the epidemic of Colony Collapse Disorder. “Bee losses have been high recently and they’re facing extinction,” said senior Bita Shahrvini when reviewing the current matter.

“The Farm to School movement is basically having fresh food from farms such as meat and vegetables sold at our school instead of the food we sell now,” said senior Sarah Lew. The club further discussed the possibility of implementing a similar system within the Sequoia Union High School District.

The club meets on Mondays in E11 and hopes in the future to continue on with their environmental community service, networking, and leadership opportunities.